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Interroll’s new modular conveyor platform optimizes delivery processes at Liwayway in China





Liwayway, a leading snack food company, has placed an order to Interroll for a modular conveyor platform (MCP) system and three Pallet flow systems, which aim to upgrade its plant in Qingpu District, Shanghai.


Interroll’s new MCP system, which is about to be put into operation, will undertake the conveying of carton boxes from labeling, sealing and up to pre-stacking, with a throughput of up to 3,000 pcs/hr, thus completely breaking the bottleneck of Liwayway’s delivery issue.


The main element of the new platform is a fully modular system that incorporates the various key elements of conveying systems and can be assembled to form a complete material flow solution that renders the services needed. The modules include not only the straight sections and curves with and without drives; the portfolio also encompasses merge cassettes for loading and unloading goods, and alignment and belt conveyors for overcoming steep inclines, for example. Depending on the application requirements, the conveyor modules can be equipped with various drive systems and be combined with one another. Zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be realized by using the proven and extremely energy efficient 24 volt RollerDrive concept that operates without any pneumatic actuators. A 400 volt drive solution that has been optimized to handle high conveying speeds and extremely heavy goods (up to 50 kg) is also available for use in high-performance applications.


Moreover, the new MCP adheres to Interroll’s consistent open concept. All its modules can be seamlessly connected with the conveyor modules, greatly facilitating customers to upgrade and transform their existing systems. It is also the decisive reason for Liwayway to choose Interroll MCP because their own engineering team are able to design and change the delivery process according to the real and changing demands.


Liwayway has been a satisfied customer of Interroll Dynamic Storage Systems for many years already. Based on the layout of Liwayway’s Qingpu plant, Interroll will provide Liwayway with three pallet dynamic storage systems with a total of 2,160 pallet positions, including  960 positions FIFO storage system in the raw material warehouse and two LIFO dynamic storage systems with a total of 1,200 pallets positions, used in the two finished goods warehouses. The FIFO storage system uses Time-plus Safety Separators to ensure the controllable, uniform sliding of pallets and the highest safety of personnel. The LIFO dynamic storage system can make full use of the warehouse volume, greatly improving the storage density. Moreover, the system also uses Interroll’s new magnetic speed controller, greatly improving the safety and throughput of warehouse operations.


“We are grateful to Liwayway’s trust in us. Interroll couldn’t have made such great progress in China and in Asia without the trust and support of our customers. As a leading supplier of internal logistics, Interroll is committed to providing the Chinese market with better and more forward-looking products. We care not only about our customers’ today but also about their future,” said Dr. Ben Xia, Executive Vice President of Interroll Group, Head of Operations Asia. “The new modular conveyor platform is a very good example. The modular concept allows our customers to modify their conveyor systems at any time according to new market demands. Quick response to changing demands is the key to winning the future.”


“It has been a very successful experience to work with Interroll. Interroll’s FIFO dynamic storage system can not only ensure fast, energy-efficient inventory turnover, but also ensures that the first produced products are delivered first. This is extremely important in the food industry, and also the main reason why Liwayway chose Interroll.” commented Mr. Shi Xuezhi, Executive Vice Chairman of Liwayway (China) Co., Ltd. “Interroll is very innovative. The new modular conveyor platform is the most important product launch in the 57-year history of Interroll. Thanks to their support, our engineering team can successfully plan and design this conveyor system. We are looking forward to the MCP running and solving our pressing delivery issue eventually.”

Türkiye endüstrisine, alana özel, spesifik yayınlar üreten MONETA Tanıtım’ın sektörel dergilerinin editörlüğünü yapmaktayım. Yeni nesil, dinamik yayıncılık anlayışıyla, dijital ve basılı mecralarda içerik geliştirmek için çalışmaktayız.

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Linear Motion Devices

Moulding machine OEM opts for NSK´s NH linear guides



A leading manufacturer of blow moulding machines has recently replaced its linear guides with the NH series from NSK. The move comes after the OEM received complaints about the poor service life exhibited by its previous linear guides, which are used to move the mould platens.

Blow moulding machines, which are used to manufacture hollow objects such as plastic bottles, feature linear guides that are subject to very challenging operating conditions. As a result, service life can be compromised if the optimum linear guide is not selected, as this particular OEM discovered. The manufacturer began receiving complaints from customers who were unhappy that the linear guides were showing visible signs of wear after just 12 months. As blow moulding machines operate with fast cycle times and high clamping forces, any wear to key components such as linear guides can be extremely detrimental to the manufacturing process.

To investigate the situation, the machine manufacturer challenged its existing supplier of linear guides, but was told the wear had resulted from alignment errors. In other words, the supplier was intimating that the OEM had made errors when assembling the linear guides to its machines.

Dissatisfied with this answer, the manufacturer turned to NSK, requesting that the company undertake a full assessment and failure cause analysis. Once the investigation was complete, NSK discovered there were in fact some very minor alignment errors but that these were not the principal cause of damage to the guides. At the same time, NSK technicians established that the load factors given by the linear guide supplier had been calculated using a method which produced results quite different from the values calculated using industry-standard ISO formulae.

The recommendation was made to replace the existing guides with equivalent ones from the NSK NH series, which offer higher load capacity and very long service life due to their optimised design, especially in cases of dynamic stress, overloading, impact loading and shock loading. These effects are often unavoidable in blow moulding systems, so linear guides must be designed accordingly.

For the NH series, the relevant load factor values are calculated based on ISO standards, which is not always the case for linear guides. Very often, values are calculated from tests which have not been made under ISO conditions. The values may appear to be better, but for NSK, a comparison based on the ISO standard is the correct method and one that users can replicate.

A growing number of reputable moulding machine manufacturers, as well as builders of machine tools and handling systems for semiconductor production, are benefiting from using NH series linear guides. In the case of the blow moulding machine manufacturer, the switch to NH guides led to a significant reduction in the wear susceptibility of the clamping units. As a result, the OEM has now equipped its entire range of machines with NH series linear guides from NSK.

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Switch to NSK ball screws saves €266,000 a year



In the framework of the company´s AIP added-value programme, NSK recently helped an automotive component manufacturer to optimise the drive systems in its machining centres, a move that led to six times greater service life and annual savings of approximately €266,000.


High temperatures, coolants, strong forces and high precision:

machine tools make exceptional demands on ball screws.

At a factory in Spain producing automotive brake systems for the global marketplace, some 117 ball screws facilitate linear motion and tool table/changer positioning in a large number of CNC machining centres. However, because of stringent requirements and tough environmental conditions, the ball screws have an average service life of only six months. As a consequence, unscheduled downtimes were causing considerable additional costs to be incurred.

The supplier asked NSK for its expert advice to help to reduce the downtime frequency. In these situations, NSK offers support to customers in the framework of its proven AIP programme. A team of company specialists duly investigated the raceways and lubrication conditions in three faulty linear drives in order to determine failure causes. The result: a combination of high loads, penetrating cutting fluids and high ambient temperatures was responsible for the short lifespan.

To counter these issues, NSK recommended using ball screws that have been specially developed for high speeds and loads. This product range features a customer-specific nut that is tailored exactly to the application and provides greater axial stiffness, not just of the ball screw, but the entire powertrain, thus increasing machine precision. Moreover, as preload is spread over several balls, service life is increased considerably.

As recommended by NSK, the ball screws were equipped with the company´s proprietary X1 high-performance seals. These seals prevent any cutting fluid from penetrating the linear system and stop the ball screw lubricant from contaminating the machining centre’s cutting fluid or coolant. The X1 seal also has excellent grease-retention capabilities.

Optimal lubrication of the ball screw in tough operating conditions is assured by using the K1 lubrication unit, which enables the lubricant’s useful life to be considerably prolonged, again contributing to lower maintenance costs.

On a trial basis, two of the new NSK ball screws were fitted to the machining centres in Spain. The results were highly successful: ball screw lifespan increased by a factor of six. Furthermore, since installation, there have been no more failures.

The automotive supplier can now benefit from lower spare part costs and, above all, from significantly less
production downtime: total yearly cost savings of approximately €266,000 have been achieved.


NSK´s X1 high-performance seal reliably prevents contamination

from penetrating the ball screw.

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Linear Motion Devices

Interroll welcomes 50th ‘Rolling On Interroll’ partner




The Interroll Group has just welcomed the 50th partner for its international Rolling On Interroll customer program, which is aimed at system integrators and OEMs in the material handling industry. That partner is REMA TEC GmbH, headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Just like the other partners in the program, REMA TEC GmbH excels through its professional expertise, high-quality products and longstanding business relations with Interroll.

REMA TEC GmbH has enjoyed 20 years of success as a system integrator for material handling solutions. It implements sophisticated, full-scope intralogistics solutions, from planning, design and production to installation and technical customer service. Its customers include well-known retail companies, as well as businesses in the automotive, food and beverage, and  pharmaceutical industries. REMA TEC recently received a large order for a complete automation solution for dynamic storage and order picking of pallets and boxes, with a required throughput of up to 4,000 units per hour. This innovative material handling solution fulfills the user’s high capacity and efficiency requirements and employs a large number of Interroll products. These include dynamic storage systems, a Crossbelt sorter, drum motors, 24 V drive technology based on Interroll RollerDrive and control systems, and Interroll Portec Belt Curves, all of which work together seamlessly in this automation solution.


“We have been creating material flow solutions for our customers for 20 years and still focus on the key areas of quality, reliability and efficiency. This recipe for success connects us with Interroll and represents the basis for a longstanding, trust-based business partnership. Today, our customers from a hugely diverse range of industries benefit from this combined expertise,” explains Peter Dippel, owner and CEO of REMA TEC GmbH.


The objective of the long-term Rolling On Interroll program is to provide support, particularly for mid-sized system integrators and OEMs, and to promote an extensive exchange of experience and best practices between the partners. With the continuous expansion of the program, Rolling On Interroll has become a quality seal for the industry since being introduced in March 2015. It highlights to end users the value of a mission-critical material handling solution designed and built with quality products from Interroll.


“With the Rolling On Interroll program, we allow our partners to benefit even more intensively from our position as neutral provider of key products for internal logistics based on open platforms. The worldwide interest in this partnership shows that with this program we are offering our customers genuine added value that goes beyond our products and services. Our intention is to develop Rolling On Interroll into a comprehensive and exclusive industry forum and strong community,” says Franz Schöpf, Rolling On Interroll Program Director.

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