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Oerlikon Graziano awarded for youth orientation initiatives

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Oerlikon Graziano, worldwide leader in the field of Components and Systems for Power Transmission, has been awarded with CSR award, delivered every year to companies that contribute to the orientation of young people through the HRC Millennials initiatives. In 2017 Oerlikon Graziano promoted and joined the “Panorama Careers and Work” project, a series of practical and innovative career guidance workshops to put job seekers in contact with Human Resources managers, sponsoring the event in Turin and Bari.

Oerlikon Graziano is a leading global provider of transmissions systems used in a wide range of automotive solutions, covering passenger cars, commercial and utility vehicles, trucks, agricultural equipment. Thanks to its global footprint in Europe, India, Americas and China, the company is able to meet the customer needs, providing complete and high-tech driveline solutions.

Aware of the strong social role that the organizations must have in helping Millennials to develop an active and effective job search strategy, Oerlikon Graziano promotes the workshops to: allow students and young professionals to come into direct contact with HR Managers of important national companies and corporations; find out technical guidance and tools for their professional future; correct the CV and participate/attend a mock interview.

The goal is to improve the organization of companies and work itself, making it an instrument of growth and continuous progress. While professions and professionalism change, a whole generation, the Millennials, faces the world of work by advancing its demands. Oerlikon Graziano is proud to support students and young professionals in their career path and to be part of the change.

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Motion control

Torque limiter ECU – short constructed safety clutch for small installation spaces and high torques

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In order to protect high-quality machine components in the drive chain from overload, ENEMAC offers a wide range of mechanical torque limiters for all areas of technology



ENEMAC torque limiters interrupt the torque transmission within seconds. The separation of drive and output is purely mechanical and is therefore independent of power failures and similar faults


A variant designed for narrow installation space is the axially short-built safety coupling ECU. It isolates exactly to the point by the use of disc springs, which guarantee a large setting range without changing the discs. One tab location per revolution in the well-engineered ball-lock principle ensures separation of the drive chain within a few angular degrees and the automatic re-engagement after 360°.


The stroke of the balls can be requested by the use of a proximity switch and the resulting signal can be given to the control, which shuts down the drive.


In order to keep the ECU as compact as possible, it is fastened to the shaft using a keyway connection. Output parts are mounted on the drive shaft and screwed to the flange ring for torque transmission.


18 sizes between 1.8 Nm and 9000 Nm disengagement torque are available. The shaft can offer a diameter of up to 110 mm.


Smaller disc diameters are available on request.

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