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ZF Technology on the Winners’ Podium of the Dakar Rally 2017

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  Supported by ZF technology, Kamaz team achieves 1st and 2nd places in truck ranking

  All top-five vehicles feature ZF driveline technology from Friedrichshafen, Passau and Schweinfurt


Truck technology from ZF passed a grueling test in South America with flying colors. At this year’s Dakar Rally, the Kamaz Master team drove into first, second and fifth places in the truck ranking with the Ecosplit manual 16-speed transmission including clutch and an all-wheel drive transfer case. Using the same driveline technology, the team led by Dutch truck racer Gerard de Rooy passed the finishing line in Iveco trucks in third and fourth positions. A total of 50 trucks entered the race.



It is the top event in rally sport. This year’s Dakar Rally took place from January 2 to January 14 and stretched over just under 9,000 kilometers through South America, from Asunción, the capital of Paragua, to the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires.  On the way, the participants had to overcome heavy terrain. Much of the route took them to altitudes of more than 3,000 meters.


Reliable technology for the toughest challenges

ZF technology ensured the teams were ideally equipped for the job – with commercial vehicle transmission systems from Friedrichshafen and Schweinfurt as well as transfer cases from Passau. Racing in a Kamaz, Eduard Nikolaev won overall with a total time of 27 hours, 58 minutes and 24 seconds. His teammates Dmitry Sotnikov and Airat Mardeev came second and fifth. All three vehicles are equipped with the Ecosplit manual 16-speed transmission including the clutch from ZF. The transmission achieves a maximum torque of 3,600 Nm, and its precise power application makes it a perfect candidate for off-road driving. The pneumatic Servoshift shift support enables fast gear changes with little force.



The team led by Gerard de Rooy also achieved success with the 16-speed manual transmission. Driving an Iveco, de Rooy himself came in third, and his team-mate Federico Villagra achieved fourth position overall. All vehicles from first to fifth position featured a dual-stage transfer case from ZF providing optimal force distribution and off-road capability. With their lightweight design, these systems are ideal for racing sport challenges such as the Dakar Rally.



1.)Equipped for the toughest rally terrain: The Ecomat automatic transmission and the transfer case from ZF ensured optimal all-wheel performance also in the Renault Truck driven by the Mammoet Rallysport team.

2.)High torque resistance and reliability: the ZF-Ecosplit manual 16-speed transmission is not only tried and trusted on construction sites, but also in rally applications.


Türkiye'nin alanında en özel yayınlarına sahip MONETA 'nın sektörel dergi ve portallarının dijital platformlarda yönetimi katkıda bulunmaktayım. MONETA bünyesinde yeni nesil yayıncılık alanında içerik yönetimini geliştirmeye devam ediyoruz.

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Get a first-class ticket to productivity

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High-feed side milling cutters boost ISO S material machining ideal for aerospace industry.

To enhance milling performance on ISO S materials, cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing a series of end mills featuring unique geometries and grades. The CoroMill® Plura HFS (High-Feed Side milling) ISO S cutters deliver reliable and productive results on workpieces made from titanium and nickel-based alloys, bringing benefits to both aerospace engine and frame applications.

To help address the predicted growth in aerospace business in the coming years, the CoroMill Plura HFS range comprises two end-mill families optimised for titanium alloys, and one for nickel alloys. As chip evacuation and heat are specific challenges when machining titanium, Sandvik Coromant has developed a solid version for normal chip evacuation conditions, and another featuring internal coolant and a new cooling booster (patent pending) for optimum swarf and temperature control.

The end mills for titanium are available in GC1745 grade, which is based on a tough, fine-grained (sub-micron), cemented-carbide substrate with sharp, controlled edges for very tough milling operations. Furthermore, a new multi-layer coating that contains silicon provides excellent wear resistance and low thermal conductivity. The geometry of the cutters is based on a six-flute concept with no centre cut and uneven tooth pitch. Additionally, the core dimension has been optimised for higher stiffness in titanium alloys, while the corner radius, rake angle and relief are all designed specifically for machining these challenging materials.

For nickel alloys, grade GC1710 is deployed, which also features sharp, controlled cutting edges. A hard, wear-resistant, fine-grained substrate is optimised to resist high working loads when machining hard, highly adhesive, work-hardened materials such as aged Inconel 718. Here, a new coating produced with innovative HIPIMS (high power impulse magnetron sputtering) technology also offers adhesion reducing properties to avoid the formation of BUE (built up edge) and increase tool life.

“The new cutters are designed to offer high-feed side milling with large axial depths of cut (ap) and low radial depths of cut (ae), along with a controlled maximum chip thickness, so that the cutting forces are managed and provide a smooth cutting action” explains Tiziana Pro, Global Product Manager Solid End Mills at Sandvik Coromant. “The result is two-fold: increased productivity provides higher output, while greater tool life and reliability reduces scrap rates in what are typically high-value components. Further customer benefits include reduced tool cost per component and greater safety levels.”

Target aerospace components include titanium wings and pylon parts, as well as engine cases made from Inconel 718. Applications in sectors such as oil and gas, medical and motorsport, where titanium and nickel alloys are becoming increasingly prevalent, will also benefit.

To highlight the potential gains on offer, a customer trial was performed involving an LPT (low-pressure turbine) case made from aged Waspaloy 420 nickel-based alloy. Using a horizontal machining centre, axial depth of cut was increased and radial depth of cut reduced (high radial forces are known to create deflection issues). Comparing a 12mm diameter CoroMill® Plura HFS end mill against a competitor cutter of the same size, metal removal rate increased substantially, leading to an impressive 198% increase in productivity. As a result of this success, the customer has committed to ordering the new cutters from 1 October 2017.

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Baumüller Develops New DSH Servo Motors for High-Precision Applications

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With the new DSH1 series, where “H” stands for high precision, the drive specialist Baumüller has created another derivative in its servo motor range. The latest product by the Nuremberg-based provider of drive and automation solutions impresses with a particularly low detent torque and thus achieves an extremely high control accuracy, especially in combination with the Baumüller drive technology.



Quiet and Extremely Adjustable

Fotoğraf Açıklama: With their excellent control properties, the servo motors of the new DSH1 series (on the right) achieve the high quality and precision that are required e.g. for specific welding seams


The DSH1 high precision servo motors were developed specifically for applications with the highest standards for quality and smooth operation. Typical areas of application, e.g. in the handling and robot field, include welding robots that produce components with a precise and high-quality welding seam. Due to the excellent control properties of the new servo motors, they are also ideal for label printing machines that have to achieve a consistently high and reproducible print quality.


The new motors can be optimally integrated into the current DS servo motor product range. With the existing modular system, the mechanical interfaces and connection technology are designed analogous to the existing Baumüller servo motors in the DSH1 series as well. This means that depending on the application requirements, the optimal servo motor can be used without requiring the machine manufacturer to make adjustments in the mechanics or connection technology. The maximum rotational speed range of the DSH1 servo motors, which are available in the sizes 45-100, is up to 6000 1/min with rated outputs of up to 10 kW in the self-cooling version.

Fotoğraf Açıklama: Welding Application of DSH Servo Motors / Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik GmbH
Baumüller offers the right solution for every industry and application with its broad range of servo motors. Offering a selection of the motor series DSC1, DSD2, DSH1, DSP1 as well as the DSE-integrated motors, tasks in the handling and robotics area as well as special tasks in plastics, printing, textile, tool and packaging machines and many other areas can always be achieved with the precisely required performance.
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Interroll introduces a new generation of drum motors

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Interroll introduces a new generation of drum motors


The Interroll Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of key products for internal logistics, reported today that the company is launching a new generation of drum motors. The innovative motor platform, which is to be predominantly used for modern conveyor belt systems in distribution centers in the production areas or in the food industry has a completely modular design and encompasses both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions. The new generation of drum motors will be launched immediately in Europe and later in the year in the Americas and Asia.


The modular platform strategy from Interroll forms the basis for the multiple customer benefits from the new generation of drives, which will first be used in all motor types with a diameter of 80 mm and will then be rolled out across the entire product range. This new platform makes it easy to combine all of the components and guarantees short and reliable delivery times. Furthermore, all of the options, such as encoders, brakes and return stops, are now available for all of the new platform’s motor variants. This makes it significantly easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to plan and implement efficient material handling solutions. In addition, all of the drum motors in the new design comply with IP69K, the highest degree of hygiene protection; this means that they are significantly quicker and easier to clean, especially when compared with gear motors.


Dr. Ralf Garlichs, Executive Vice President Products & Technology for the Interroll Group, explains: “Thanks to our consistent platform strategy, which we introduced back when we launched our modular conveyor platform (MCP), we are in a much better position to meet the needs of the customers and users. With this strategy, we are also further improving our performance with regard to quality, delivery time and service. With the new drum motor platform, it once more appears that innovation is not an end in itself for Interroll. As a global technology leader in internal logistics, the aim of our company’s innovations is always to offer the customer significant added value.”


A longer service life and increased flexibility

In contrast to its predecessors, the new generation of drives is distinguished by a series of design benefits. Stronger shafts and ball bearings guarantee a long service life, for example, and a robust planetary gear makes it possible to efficiently transfer high torques to the relevant conveyor belts while making very little operating noise. Thanks to an expanded number of gear stages, a larger speed range can be covered. Therefore, it becomes particularly easy for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to implement a conveyor solution in accordance with their individual throughput specifications.


The new platform’s modular design reduces production and delivery times. Furthermore, the new generation of drum motors stands out as a plug-and-play solution thanks to the advantages offered during installation and maintenance work. In fact, in contrast to earlier generations, the power supply can be established using a simple plug-in connection. This significantly reduces downtime for maintenance and repair work, resulting in considerable cost advantages for the user.


Drum motors from Interroll offer users an extraordinarily high level of energy efficiency. When compared to alternative drive systems, these motors demonstrate a significantly reduced loss of power. This leads to a drastic reduction in operating costs for the user.


Visitors to LogiMAT 2017—the international trade fair for distribution, materials handling and information flow—can experience the new generation of drives live at Interroll’s stand, 1K41 in Hall 1. LogiMAT 2017 takes place March 14–16 in Stuttgart, Germany.


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