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After Roberts was jailed, Mr Ayabowei’s widow said in a

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replica handbags china ‘Are you trying to kill me?’ Wife’s Whatsapp message to ‘cheating husband who tried to murder her with gas leak and parachute sabotage’Roberts, who was drunk, approached Mr Ayabowei and without warning or provocation punched him outside the Peep nightclub in Bangor, North Wales, in the early hours of April 1.One witness said the sound of it was “like something being broken”.Paul Lewis QC, prosecuting, said others intervened and an ambulance was called.Roberts, who had previously been jailed for five years in July 2013 for holding a sawn off shotgun to another man’s head, admitted manslaughter in Mr Ayabowei’s death.Man murdered mum of three before chopping her up in bathtub with pruning saw and dumping body parts in binsMembers of both men’s families were in court to watch the sentencing hearing.Mr Ayabowei was originally from Nigeria, and was known as Henry and Romeo to his friends .His death has left his widow Melicia Gerrard “in ruins” and feeling “like an empty shell”.The court heard that on March 31 Roberts, of Bangor, was said to be boasting about his release from prison, saying he was “going to bang someone out tonight”.Elwen Evans QC, defending, said when Roberts was arrested he had no idea his actions had been so devastating.When he was told what happened he was “distraught and upset”, she added.Ms Evans said Roberts was drunk but had not been confrontational at other pubs in Bangor earlier.She said Roberts walked away after punching Mr Ayabowei and was detained not far away.There was some hostility at that stage and Roberts suffered minor injuries, she added.After Roberts was jailed, Mr Ayabowei’s widow said in a statement: “Whilst Kieran Roberts begins his brief term behind bars my family and I are continuing to live our lives without Henry.”For us there will never be a release from this pain and suffering.(Image: Robert Parry Jones)”My world as I knew it has crumbled around me. Our lives have been permanently scarred by this sickening act, an act which is incomprehensible to those in society who understand and appreciate the most decent of values.”I am determined to be strong for our daughters. It’s heartbreaking to think that they will have to experience every Christmas, birthday and school sports day without their dad through no fault of his own.”Our youngest daughter only knew her dad for the first five months of her life but I will do everything I can to ensure she knows how much he loved her as will Henry’s family in Nigeria who we remain in daily contact with.”This would make Henry proud replica handbags china.


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