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” and that my four-year-old daughter is a part-time woman

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You kids of the next generation dying at such a fast rate because your blind. Realize om fucking thing the game is mirage. Nothing seems at is when bullets fly and the greap reaper hot in pursuit all your so calles friends will be no where to be found.

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Dinner time! Crocodile weighing 500lbs stalks an unlucky. Pucker up! Orangutan mother of five is captured during. ‘My first initiative as First Lady will be.

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Nor was there any hanky panky in awarding the national highway project contracts, and the PMO was in no way involved in setting up a fertiliser project in Oman, which was “initiated by the previous government”. However, it was while defending the PMO against the charge of bending the telecom policy to the advantage of its “friends” that Singh tied himself in knots. Singh (left) lobbied to stay on in the PMO.

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