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Continuous bidding, but not duplicate bid

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UP-DATE NIKON CANON Lens Camera Price ? 32,900 – Bangkok

D610 D600 D7200 D7100 D7100 18-55 D80 SB-910 SB-900

SB-910 SB-900
70D 18-200 is 18-135stm 40.
BATTERY – Battery EN-EL14a = 1290-

D610 Camera Accessories Strap (Leather) Charger Case USB Cable Box price BODY NIKON D600 FX

“# 1 yuan standard”
Ended Time: 2018 1/02 22:00
Objective: To bid
Goods: NIKE sock socks

Color: black

bidding: “1 yuan mark” 1 yuan mark, ~ 100 units unlimited

[condition] new goods NIKE company

[trading] [Remarks ] If two or more bids in the closing time, the highest bidder.
If more than two bids are the same, according to the time of the message, the highest bidder wins the bid.
Continuous bidding, but not duplicate bid.

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