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AAEON single board computer UPS-P4-A10-08128



AAEON single board computers (including UPS-P4-A10-08128) have become an indispensable element of applications requiring an efficient and compact device with x86 architecture other than an industrial computer.

Areas of application

The UPS-P4-A10-08128 unit performs great in advanced systems, wherever the high computing power offered by small-sized devices is needed. Such requirements are increasingly being applied to applications from the industrial automation segment. Also Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are not end nodes, such as e.g. data flow control and conversion network gateways, are built using single board computers. Computer UPS-P4-A10-08128 (Up Square, UP2) will work well in this role. Another area of application involve real-time image analysis and processing. The UP2 single board computer can cooperate with an mPCI-e card containing system that is part of a neural network (e.g. the Intel® Movidius® MyriadTM graphic processor). In such situation, its computing power increases significantly, enabling data analysis and processing directly at edge node nodes (edge computing). Thanks to this, processing time is shortened and costs associated with data transfer as well as servicing and leasing of computing centers are minimized. In this way, a single board computer becomes a key part of the item detection system (e.g. products of a specific brand in a vending machine or license plates for cars entering a guarded parking lot), identification of persons (e.g., sex and age of people visiting the store at a given time of day). In the end, it can become a control unit in an autonomous vehicle that analyzes and processes camera images. The number of applications is limited only by the ingenuity of the designer.

Single board computers are often used in small lot production, where it is required to reduce the design time until the product is released on the market. In addition, the cooperation with Linux and Windows operating systems makes the creation of electronic devices easier for programmers who, having at their disposal a large number of libraries and drivers present in the operating system itself, do not need to engage into the issues concerning the device’s hardware layer.


An important advantage of a single board computer are its small dimensions, which translates into the size of the final device.

UPS-P4-A10-08128 computer works in a wide temperature range, and flash and operational memory in the form of integrated circuits is resistant to shocks and vibrations.

An important advantage is also low power consumption. It translates not only to lower energy demand, but also to greater equipment durability and reliability.

Thanks to the interfaces mounted on the board, it is possible to exchange data with external devices.

The AAEON UPS-P4-A10-08128 single board computer will be available at least until 2024. The device is CE/FCC Class A certified.

Technical parameters

– quad-core Intel® Pentium™ N4200 x86-64 processor clocked at 2.5GHz,

– Intel® Gen 9 HD graphics card with support for video encoding in HEVC4, H.264, VP8 formats, in 4K resolution,

– built-in 8GB of RAM and 128GB of Flash memory,

– built-in Altera MAX10 FPGA,

– power supply DC 5V@6A, 

– working temperature 0-60°C,

– weight 0,26kg,

– dimensions 85,6x90mm,

Supported interfaces and connector types

UP2 supports communication interfaces:

– Ethernet x2,



– USB 2.0,

– USB 3.0,

– eDP.


It is equipped with a 40-pin extension connector (compatible with Raspberry PI), DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 magnetically shielded x2, SATA, USB A x3, USB B micro and mPCI-e.

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