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Automation and mechanization in tea production



With a yearly consumption of 7.54kg of tea per person, Turkey is the first consumer (per capita/year) of tea around the world followed by Morocco(4.74kg/capita/year) and the United Kingdom ( 3.75kg/capita/year).

A big part of the local consumption is covered by the national production. Indeed, at the collapse of the Ottoman empire Mustafa Kemal Ataturk started a strategical plan to increase the production of tea. He aimed to reduce the importation of coffee and build a strong sector for future exportations. This switch in the consummation habits and production strategy succeeded as Turkey is now the 5th tea producer with more than 6% of the worldwide tea production.

Growing in the mounts of the black sea region, the tea trees are perfectly matching with the regular rains and high rate of humidity characteristic of the region. Covering most of the hills the leaves are harvested in the beginning of summer. There starts a season that will last 3 months. In this busy period, the production is non-stop and the machines are under heavy pressure and workload. We provide gearboxes and electrical motors to the complete production process. Our IRK, IR, IRS series are used to transport, steam, cut, sort, dry and pack the precious tea leaves. Depending on the leaves and type of tea produced, the transformation process is composed of 5 steps.

Steaming: The leaves are washed and treated with high pressured water steam. This step contributes to the fixation of the aroma and specific taste of the tea.

Oxidation: The leaves are “burnt” to activate the color and flavor proper to black tea. This step also reduces the natural acidity of the tea leaves.

Rolling : The steamed leaves are being cut in roller cutting presses, this operation give the final shape of the tea.

Drying : The tea is dried in screening ovens that separate the tea leaves in different categories and removes the small wood and structures.

Packaging : The freshly produced tea is packed and stocked in big paper bags, these are dispatched to distribution and packing centers around the country.

This progress contributed to the development of natural teas growing without any usage of fertilizers of chemicals

As a recent trend major producers and small cooperatives are using mechanization and automation systems to reduce the usage of fertilizer. Indeed, the producers used to grow tea leaves with chemical fertilizers to reach a faster maturity and standards size. Nowadays the mechanization of the production process is helping them to adapt the timing and parameters to each type of leaves. This progress contributed to the development of natural teas growing without any usage of fertilizers of chemicals. Showing how mechanization and automation can help producer to reduce their impact on the environment and considerably improve the quality of their products.

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I-MAK is proud to announce its new membership to the AGMA!



Founded in 1916, the American Gear Manufacturer Association is an association of companies, academicians and consultants involved in the design, manufacture and application of gears, couplings and related power transmission components and equipment. AGMA member companies currently number more than 495 selected members. They include gear manufacturers from the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as gearing interests from more than 30 countries around the world. I-MAK is proud to represent Turkey in this prestigious organization, our membership is showing the high dynamic of the Turkish Gear Industry. With several actors and a dedicated place in MIB organization (Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers) the Turkish industry reached a high level of competitiveness and recognition around the world.

“With this new achievement I-MAK international network is now covering a large part of the globe with branches, sales offices, agents and distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle east and Asia.”

AGMA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute to write all U.S. standards on gearing. AGMA is also the Secretariat (Chairman) for Technical Committee 60 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). TC 60 is the committee responsible for developing all international gearing standards. In addition to the holding the position of Secretariat, AGMA convenes (chairs) the active ISO Working Groups related to gear inspection and testing.

By joining the AGMA, I-MAK is reinforcing their position in North America, and get ready for new technical development, innovation and challenge in the USA. I-MAK Strategy for the USA reached a new level in 2018 with the official opening of SIPCO-IMAK, a new brand dedicated to the North American market. With a central location in Houston, Texas, SIPCO-IMAK is composed of an experienced team of sales engineers. With a successful participation to the manufacturing expo in Los Angeles, California, in February 2019. SIPCO-IMAK is now expending its activities to several states and sectors.

Based on a strong stock in Houston, Texas, SIPCO-IMAK competitiveness will soon be reinforced with the opening of a brand new I-MAK mounting center in Texas. This new investment will contribute to the expansion of SIPCO-IMAK with faster delivery time and tailored made solution for US industrials and end users. On the technical side, I-MAK added new NEMA flange to their standards units and released new catalogues for the North American market, the new documentation is now featuring 50/60Hz frequency for motors and NEMA configurations.

With this new achievement I-MAK international network is now covering a large part of the globe with branches, sales offices, agents and distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle east and Asia.

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STOBER presents its new product configurator



With the new STOBER Configurator, users have an online tool to intuitively build the right drive solution from STOBER’s extensive product range with just a few clicks. Technical information and drawings are readily available after quickly and easily configuring a product. Users can even request a quote with a simple click. The configurator is one of many projects in STOBER’s commitment to supporting customers with additional digital services.

With the new STOBER Configurator, engineers and designers will save time in product selection and designing. Before the configurator, they searched through catalogs to find the right solution, requested information in multiple places, and used type code values. Now, everything is a simple click away.

Quickly and easily search for gear units, geared motors, motors, and electronics! Intuitive navigation and modern design make using the tool fast and easy. Numerous filters and comparison options are available. Results can be sorted based on price, performance, or size. Users can then configure the product to meet their application requirements. For example, with geared motors, users can pick their shaft and housing style along with mounting position.

Designers can access technical data sheets, dimensional drawings, and 3D models. They can also request a quote. All configurations can easily be shared or saved.

Make it yours – visit

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The new Rossi S.P.A.



A new corporate image standing for dynamism and future-orientation.

Rossi S.P.A., a company of the Habasit Group, leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors has made of change a strategic lever for its growth.

The industrial world is constantly evolving, we live in an increasingly competitive, complex and fast reality.

The new brand is based on Rossi strategy and positioning philosophy, featuring a dynamic, flexible, sustainable, state-of-the-art and customer-centric company.

“With our new brand we are adapting Rossi corporate image to changes at organizational level – with more streamlined processes, a more strategic vision, a more managerial structure – and in business, more open to internationalization, to new production technologies and with a more solid presence in various industrial sectors. Rossi Chairman Giovanni Volpi says. “

The visual identity identifies the new vision: an energetic and creative sign, an “R” which, in addition to being the initial of our name, represents the power, dynamism and technological innovations. Besides, a pay-off “Solutions for an evolving industry”, Rossi’s DNA, that accompanies it and translates corporate philosophy: flexible and innovative solutions for a constantly evolving industrial world.

“Rebranding is the visual base of change, reflecting the vocation of communicating Rossi values also towards new perspectives – Marco Mearini, Rossi’s CEO says-. Anyone who joins our team must be willing to take Rossi to the future. We are not only looking for expertise, but also for curiosity, resourcefulness, dedication and above all passion.”

Rossi is a constantly evolving, but with a fixed point: people, the pillars of our actions who, with their skills and their passion, give voice, shape and reality to the future.Improving, renewing and anticipating customers’ needs while creating added value for our stakeholders.

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