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Chain & Chain Drives

Chains are used frequently in industrial manufacturing environments. Chain systems, which serve efficient solutions in fundamental requirements such as lifting, transporting and drive, find many application spheres in industrial manufacturing. According to usage spheres, chain types can be aggregated in these three topics:

1.Load lifting chains
2.Transfer chains
3.Drive chains

The main criterion in chain choice is the load to be subjected; eg., they should carry an appropriate power transmission potential for the application they will be used.
Load lifting chains, as expressed in the name, are used to carry something from somewhere. Here, the chain shall be used for lifting the material that will be used and, for this reason, pulling force is the main subject at this point. Round steel link chains as the general preference for these tasks, are used often at lifting machines.

Transfer chains, again as expressed in the name, is the general definition for the chain types benefited for transferring materials to elsewhere. For these applications, chains that have rotating skills and round steel link formation are used.

Drive chain is the name given to the chain type which commission to transmit energy emerging at power center to the desired environment. Drive chains are used in many different spheres such as tool centers, food & beverages industry and gearboxes.Despite transfer and drive chains are discrete theoretically, they can be used for the same purposes.

Chain maintenance and proper work

Chains are generally sold as non-packed. These chains’ pitch tips have to be connected, in order to be prepared for usage and this requires expertise.Another critical subject in chains is the tension. For sustainable functioning of chains in compatibility with the gears, without disruption and power loss, they have to be assembled with a pre-tension.

Chains have to be lubricated periodically for preventing subjection to friction caused effects.
It can be told that, compared with belts, chains have quite higher power transmission capability. However, there is a point to be remembered; chain costs are quite much higher than belts.

There are many companies, expert in chain manufacturing and post-sales services in Turkey and in the world.

Chain Types

Heavy Duty Tow chains
A.S.A & B.S. chains
Asphalt conveyor chains
Waste water sanitation chains
Biathlon (insufficient maintenance environment)
Pulling machine conveyor chain
Peripheral conveyor chain
Cement conveyor chain
Outer pulley (collector) chains
Fleer chains
General drive chain
Facility equipment and vibration drives
Welded steel conveyor chain
Bucket elevator chain
Conveyor chain products
Coal mining conveyor chain
Special chains
Stainless chains
Pin nose and drop chains
Pin hole chains
Plastic cap carrier chains
Pulling machine carrier chains
Conveyor series chains
Drive chains
Sheet metal cap carrier chains
Silent chains
Standard attachments
Standard conveyor chain
Drive chain
Conveyor chain for theme parks
Triathlon (high heat non-lubrication)
Trident conveyor chain
Side spring chains
Leaf chains
Escalator chain
High performance chain gears


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