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Continental Launches New Timing Belt for Special Citroen and Peugeot Engines



Technology company Continental is updating its range of timing belts for the automotive aftermarket with the addition of the CT1228 timing belt. This will replace the previously available model, the CT1188, in all applications. It is intended for use in Peugeot and Citroen 1.2-liter engines built from the end of MY 2013 onwards.

Even tougher and harder-wearing

The timing belt runs directly in oil in some applications. Manufacturers use this design to reduce friction in the engine and thus cut its emissions. At the same time, this ensures low-noise operation with very precise timing. Operating in this way, however, places extremely high demands on the timing belt’s wear properties. Because even the slightest level of impurities in the oil can result in the formation of crystals. If such crystals get between the belt and the pulley, the belt can be damaged by the extremely hard crystals and, in the worst-case scenario, tear.

This prompted Continental to further improve the belt’s material properties: The glass-cord tension members have an optimized, oil-resistant coating and are embedded in an HNBR rubber (hydrogenated nitrile rubber) cross-linked with peroxide. This has an even higher acrylonitrile (ACN) content than before. The higher this content, the better the material’s resistance to certain carbon compounds that can occur as a result of friction between crystallized impurities in the oil. The aramid fabric on the inside face of the belt is also equipped with a multi-layer wear protection system. “The CT1188 itself was extremely tough and hard-wearing. In the newly developed CT1228 we have been able to improve these properties further still,” says Continental product manager Robert Franz. That means that even older engines with particularly high mileage can enjoy the efficiency and environmental benefits provided by a design featuring a timing belt running in oil. However, workshops must play their part in this by complying precisely with the manufacturer’s oil specifications, Franz continues.

Continental also grants its 5-year guarantee to registered workshops for the new CT1228 timing belt. Please visit for further details.

Continental’s Watch and Work video series, which, among other things, addresses the principle of the timing belt in oil, is available to professional automotive mechanics:


KYB Corporation Partners with REE Automotive to Develop Next-Generation Modular EV Platform 



REE Automotive (REE) and KYB Corporation (KYB) announced today a strategic partnership to develop suspension capabilities for future electric vehicle (EV) platforms. Automotive Tier 1 supplier KYB’s unparalleled semi-active and active suspension systems will boost REE’s next-generation EV platform, which delivers complete design freedom and cost-effective, scalable solutions in e-mobility. The combined expertise of REE, a pioneering technology company and leader in electric vehicle platforms, and KYB, a leading global hydraulics manufacturer, will reshape the movement of goods, people and services by revolutionizing electric vehicle design.  

REE’s partnership with KYB further expands REE’s global manufacturing capabilities. It also ignites a new level of suspension technology within the REEcorner™ architecture solution, which integrates all drivetrain vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, e-motor) into the wheel. The REEcorner™ combines with the REEboardTM – a completely flat platform – allowing complete freedom of design, improved performance and safety, and modular applications for any vehicle type – from last mile delivery to heavy duty shipping. 

The KYB-REE partnership marks the first time KYB has formally collaborated on EV platforms with a technology company. “KYB has vast experience in developing and manufacturing advanced suspension systems, and we are excited to partner with REE Automotive and share its revolutionary EV vision by engineering a suspension subsystem that supports the needs of tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem” said Kazunori Masumoto, General Manager of Engineering Headquarters at KYB Automotive Component Business Division. 

REE’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Barel said, “REE is delighted to welcome KYB to our unique network of global strategic automotive partners, bringing world-class expertise in advanced suspension systems. KYB’s technology will play a crucial role in the rapid development of our next-generation EV architecture, which reinvents the electric vehicle with a completely flat, scalable and fully modular platform, ready to carry the future of e-mobility.” 

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Eylean Launches First IATF-Compliant Software for Automotive Industry



The first IATF-compliant project management software, designed specifically for the automotive industry, introduces a range of tools for quality and performance tracking to reduce manual work and streamline the manufacturing process. 

Eylean, a project management SaaS provider, has introduced the first software, compliant with the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) standards, which serves as guidelines for automotive manufacturers worldwide. The product will introduce KPI tracking, automated auditing, log revision and other tools designed to simplify process management in the automotive industry.

The IATF requirements help ensure product quality during the development process, however, up until now, they had to be validated manually by the assigned quality control officers. The software, developed in collaboration with the Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a global manufacturer of automotive fasteners, will provide a range of new functionalities to better streamline workflows, track the process and implement necessary changes faster.

“The automotive industry uses Agile project management tools all the time, however, there was no software available in the market with industry-specific tools to assist teams in meeting goals set by the IATF,” said  Kamile Vitaite,  Chief Sales Officer  at  Eylean. “When ITW approached us with the request, we were thrilled: listening to our customers is one of our core values, which inspires us to continue developing our product to better fit the needs of the client. In addition, by adapting our software to the ever-changing requirements, we can offer our software application services to a wider range of industries.”

Eylean’s new tool is specifically designed to evaluate how the product fulfils the IATF requirements throughout the three development stages: Product Development, Product and Process Validation, and Product and Series Trial. The software enables to better plan and perform quality checks and audits throughout all of these stages without a glitch. For companies in demanding industries like automotive, even the smallest hold up could result in significantly increased costs.

Quality assurance safeguards are integrated within the project management tools, enabling managers to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs). This will allow them to stay up to speed with the overall progress as well as stay focused on the current tasks at hand.

“Eylean is a lifesaver when it comes to IATF compliance audits and data collection,” said Manuel Huebner,  Team Manager  at ITW. “It’s now easy to add timestamps and signoffs for specific quality milestones as well as for checking log levels, which has saved us an incredible amount of time. Since it’s all integrated into one tool, it makes the collaboration in the production line much more seamless.”

The newly-launched software will enable the automotive industry to ramp-up processes across teams, departments and even regions. Reducing the heavy manual workload will enable more manufacturers to stay in tune with the IATF quality standards and reduce the overall costs.

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Automotive Industry Connectivity



ESCHA, the connectivity expert, has activated an extensive product portfolio. The range specializes on automotive industry . The new single-ended- and double-ended cordsets in housing styles M8 and M12 are adapted for the diverse requirements within the body construction as well as the vehicle assembly, in a convenient way. Further, standard- and safety applications in both application areas, now is splitted.

Body construction portfolio

With the new cable designated S740, ESCHA now offers a cable quality perfectly suited for weld-field applications in body construction. Due to an enlarged outer-jacket, the PUR-cable is particularly resistant to welding beads. Good drag chain- and torsion properties as well as a UL-certification complement the cable’s profile.

For safety applications, the cable designated S740YE is also available with a yellow outer jacket and yellow overmolded grip body. The properties and approvals of cable and connector remain unchanged.

Vehicle assembly portfolio

For the vehicle assembly and other crafts, ESCHA has already opted for the proven and versatile S370-cable for a long time, which can be combined with different M8- or M12-connectors. This PUR-cable quality disposes of good drag chain- and torsion properties as well as an UL-approval.

With the new cable quality designated S370YE, a yellow variant is now available that can be used in safety applications. For the S370YE, connectors with yellow overmolded grip bodies are available as well. The properties and approvals of cable and connector are identical to those of the black version.

Matching accessories

Matching ESCHA original-accessories – such as Y-splitters or mounting kits for M8- and M12-connectors – complete the product portfolio for the automotive industry. With Y-splitters, branches can easily be realized, and double-ended cordsets can be saved. Mounting kits ensure a safe hold in the open routing of single-ended- and double-ended cordsets. In addition, they increase clarity and order in the system.

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