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I-Mak Academy in South Africa!



The I-MAK academy just reached a new country! From the 9th to the 11th September, more than 40 engineers, technical sales and branch managers attended the first edition of the I-MAK academy South Africa! In partnership with Bearings international, exclusive distributor of I-MAK products in the region, the academy session featured products presentation, products selection and a session on IMAK special solutions for specific markets and applications.


With this new development, IMAK is reinforcing its position in the region. The brand is now represented in more than 10 countries in the South African sub-region. With more than 40 branches and agents, Bearings international is a key actor of this expansion. This visit was also marking the official start of the first IMAK mounting center in the region. With this new hub, IMAK will now be able to supply a large part of its products range in less than 5 days ! Based on a strong stock and a local integration of spare parts production, this new mounting center will be serving South African industries with fast delivery time and flexibility in configurations.

I-MAK presence in South Africa

Present in the region for more than 3 years, I-MAK is active in several sectors. With more than 1.000.000 products references, I-MAK is serving a large range of industries. Particularly active in the mining sector, the brand is proposing several solutions for gold and diamonds extraction. Everyday, I-MAK solutions are used to crush, scan, wash and transport tones of stones, sand and minerals every day. Water treatment represent another key sector for the brand in the region, actively working with major OEM and end users in South Africa, I-MAK is proposing a wide range of specific solution for this crucial sector. Working in external and aggressive environment due to dust, heat, vibration and chemicals, special configurations and options are proposed to customers. 

Innovations and extended product range

This South African visit was also an opportunity for I-MAK to introduce some of their new products and innovations. South African customer can now have access to the new I-MAK-E program and devices. With this new solution, the customers now have the possibility to monitor all the dynamic and evolutions of their gearboxes. Combined in a single device, I-MAK-E system is measuring and tracking a combination of key data. Customers are now able to measure and follow the vibration, temperature and noise level of the gearbox. Collected and compiled together these data are compared with the initial activity “finger print” of the gearboxes, in the same time collected data are set to give particular alarm when figures reach a certain level. Following the global tendency of the market, this key addition to our range of solutions is helping our customers to move from periodic to condition based maintenance. Walking together to reduce unplanned downtime, we increase lifetime and reinforce plant security with less onsite maintenance and control.

International sales and marketing director, I-MAK. With his passionate and curious identity, Salim Haffar, is a professional, having an international background. French director aims to introduce Turkish quality and vision to the world.

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The airlift against corona – Pforzheim companies fit mobile ventilators with STOBER components



Felix Theurer, Managing Director of the student design office FF Maschinen GmbH, is very well known to STOBER. In December last year, STOBER sponsored the young engineer and his team in a mechanical engineering project with suitable electronic hardware and software.

In times of corona and the increased demand for ventilators, Theurer had the idea to expand manually operated mobile ventilators in such a way that they can also be used for patients with corona-related breathing difficulties.

In order to create a reliably functioning prototype from a concept developed with various doctors and intensive care physicians, Felix Theurer turned to the Pforzheim-based special machine manufacturer SOGA Gallenbach. SOGA is a long-standing customer and close partner of STOBER who immediately agreed to support him. Together with NAST Automation, whose managing director Dennis Nagel is a former STOBER co-worker, the students of FF Maschinen GmbH work intensively on the technical implementation.

In only seven days they created a ventilator device easy to operate that “breathes” with STOBER components: an EZ302 synchronous servo motor in combination with a SC6A062 drive controller.

The prototype masters all required ventilation modes and runs stably. A certification application for a quick special approval has already been submitted. As soon as the prototype is certified, production can begin.

“It’s great to be part of this excellent network and to be able to make a small contribution in these worldwide difficult times,” says Patrick Stöber happily. “We have increased our stock and are able to provide the required motors and drive controllers at any time.”

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Gear drives

Ziehl-Abegg’s elevator division reaches an all-time high




South-East Asia and Europe deliver a 12 percent increase for the Hohenlohe motor manufacturer

The elevator drives division at Ziehl-Abegg has been running at an all-time high for the past two months. “We have never had such a high order intake in the elevator sector,” says CEO Peter Fenkl. The orders are coming mainly from Europe and Southeast Asia.

2019 had already been a record-breaking year for the elevator specialists at the electric motor manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg: in the final count, it posted sales of more than 72 million euros. In the current year, business in the elevator division has continued at the same record level as in the previous year. “However, the development in order intake since March is far exceeding our expectations,” says CEO Fenkl. “We are currently 12 percent up on the previous year!”

Ziehl-Abegg is benefitting from being located in Germany. In contrast to Southern Europe, where in Italy and Spain many companies are closed, production in Southern Germany is in full swing. Even in the current corona crisis, the supply chain is working and supplies to production are secured, with even kit manufacturers in Spain ordering elevator motors and control units from Ziehl-Abegg in Hohenlohe. “Many of our customers’ finished products end up all over Europe, including England,” explains Sales Manager Dieter Rieger. It’s a similar picture in South-East Asia: the closure of regional companies has created a vacuum for elevator manufacturers, the result is that they are now buying components on the global market – for example, from the German manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg. “A large proportion of the volume is coming from new construction projects,” says Rieger.

The motor division at Ziehl-Abegg is the second largest area of business in the Group. Worldwide, Ziehl-Abegg employs 4,300 people, spread over the areas of ventilation, control and drive technology plus automotive. “It’s during times of crisis in particular that the strength of our broadly-based portfolio becomes evident”, underlines CEO Fenkl.

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Industrial type heavy duty gearboxes by Dişsan



DA series helical and DK series bevel-helical gearboxes are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications. They are designed to transmit high output torques in optimized dimensions. They enable wide range of ratios with single to quadruple reduction options.

Thanks to their rigid structure, they are suitable to operate safely even in harshest conditions. Housing material is GGG40 cast iron. Gears are produced from high quality, case hardened steel. Heat treatment process is applied to obtain 58-60 HRC surface hardness. The gears are precision ground to ensure a quiet and low vibration operation. 

The gearboxes are available with hollow shaft or solid shaft. According to operating conditions, they are offered with optional accessories such as cooling systems, forced lubrication systems or oil expansion tanks. Back-stops, shrink discs and IEC B5 motor flanges are also available as optional accessorries. Special oil seal options are applied for dusty operation conditions.

Dişsan also offers complete solutions with motor, input coupling, gearbox and output coupling set on a steel base frame. 

For extruder applications, special extruder type right or left output options are available.

Input Options: 

  • Motor adapter for standard IEC B5 motors
  • Solid input shaft, without motor (right input, left input or double input shafts)

Output Options: 

  • Hollow output shaft
  • Solid output shaft (single or double)
  • Output flange


Conveyors, Elevators, Mills, Cranes, Washing Units, Mixing Units, Extruders


Mining, Construction, Metal Processing, Cement, Concrete Plants, Sand and Gravel Plants, Ceramics and Glass, Plastics

Industrial Gear Unit Types

DA – Helical Gear Units

DK – Bevel – Helical Gear Units

DAE – Extruder Gearboxes

Gearboxes with Auxiliary Drive

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