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Interroll and Conveyor Handling Company provide a highly efficient shoe sortation solution in the US



A modular material handling system for a new distribution facility in Cranberry, New Jersey for the end user Distribution Management Group Inc. (DMG) has been realized by Conveyor Handling Company (CHC). At the heart of this solution is the state-of-the-art crossbelt sorter technology from Interroll which reduces electricity costs, simplifies maintenance and makes product packing and distribution more efficient.

Since 1975, Baltimore, Maryland-based CHC has sold, serviced, and designed an impressive array of solutions for manufacturing companies, e-commerce and retail distributors, health care and clothing producers, and more. Past projects include crossbelt sortation systems, turnkey conveyor and racking installations, automated storage and retrieval systems, multi-tiered staging lanes, and even modular offices and mezzanines.

Despite this deep expertise, CHC recently faced an interesting challenge. One of its longtime customers, Distribution Management Group Inc. (DMG), was opening a new facility in Cranberry, New Jersey. The third-party logistics company (3PL) would be responsible for sorting, packing, and shipping products for its clients in the footwear industry and needed material handling equipment able to reliably process and ship 100 shoe boxes per minute.

 Benefitting from a new approach

Technically it was possible, just not in the way that DMG imagined.

“They originally wanted us to design a distribution center modeled after their existing facilities,” explains Rich Rittermann, Vice President of Operations at CHC. “In this instance, an employee would push a cart up and down each aisle, picking shoes as they went; when the cart was full, they’d move it to a central sorting area, where other workers would start pulling boxes off the different carts and packing them until each order was filled. There was nothing wrong with their process, except that I knew it would be too labor intensive and eventually become unmanageable at the volumes they were anticipating. They needed an automatic sortation system, and it was my job to convince them of that.”

Rittermann had previous experience with such systems, but the combination of high product volumes and the need to sort color, size, and style combinations by the hundreds led him to consult with the Interroll team, who told Rittermann that they were working on a shoe distribution center in Mexico, and agreed that Interroll’s horizontal crossbelt sorter would be an ideal solution.

Reliable, energy efficient and easy to maintain

Unlike traditional crossbelt sorters, Interroll’s solution uses a pneumatically actuated plate and drive wheel mechanism rather than a motor on each carrier to transfer goods to the appropriate chute. This reduces electricity costs and simplifies maintenance to increase reliability and the gentle motion means the sorter can be used with delicate products like eggs and yogurt and it still being powerful enough to move heavy sacks of grain or animal feed.

The system is both smart and accurate, with automatic recirculation of “no-reads” and overflow products. This is especially important in e-tail, where system demands are unpredictable, and customer return rates are much higher. The horizontal crossbelt sorter is also smart about floor space. Its modular design is compact yet easy to reconfigure based on changing needs. In this particular application, CHC “double-stacked” the conveyor, maximizing the system’s throughput without increasing its footprint.

Joining competences within an intensive and successful cooperation

“I was very pleased with the cooperation between Interroll, DMG, and the CHC installation team and project managers,” says Rittermann. “It was a big step forward for our customer. They’re using it every day and are shipping out 15 to 30 thousand pairs of shoes each day, with capacity for much more. They told us at the beginning of the project that they needed equipment that would be more efficient and faster for them, a system that would give them the ability to pick shoes and ship them out the door the same day, and that’s exactly what we provided.”

John Roca, Vice-President of Distribution Management Group Inc., agrees. “Conveyor Handling Company has consistently provided high-value, excellent-quality conveyors, racks, and material handling equipment for our distribution and fulfillment operations in multiple New Jersey facilities. In fact, CHC has become our only choice for conveyor systems, sorters, material handling equipment and integrations,” he says. “They have a highly skilled team that responds with practical solutions and reliable equipment, one that stands behind all of their work and offer outstanding after-the-sale service besides!”

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Linear Motion Devices

IKO MX Series Shall Involve Dust-Protection in Specific Conditions



IKO International is building on its standard MX series of linear roller bearings to include special features for environments that are sensitive to metal chips, dust, and other contaminants.

Dust protection

A dust protective C-Wiper can be mounted to the outside of the end seal, ensuring operation in environments where metal chips are spattering. After 1,000 km of operation, the C-Wiper prevented foreign substances from entering the slide unit with no damage to the end seal.


The MX specification integrates IKO’s proprietary C-Lube lubrication system. As the cylindrical rollers circulate, lubricant is distributed to the loading area through the rollers along the track rail. Lubrication is properly maintained in the loading area for over 12,500 miles, reducing valuable time spent lubricating hard to reach parts.

High load capacity

The MX models utilize rows of cylindrical rollers to provide a greater contact area than slides that use steel balls. They also maintain high rigidity in every direction. As a result, bearings deliver high load capacities––up to 674 kN for dynamic loads and 1,300 kN for static loads.
Mounting dimensions are compatible with MH and LWH ball type series. If you want to transition from a ball type to a roller type, your mounting dimensions do not need to change.

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A new lease of life for your STUDER machine with a machine overhaul



FRITZ STUDER AG, Motion Meeting Press Event

Anything that works as hard as a cylindrical grinding machine will wear out. This is particularly obvious in the geometry and precision. STUDER doesn’t just support the customer in the purchase of new machines, but can also offer a complete machine overhaul A machine overhaul at STUDER makes an old machine into one that is as good as new; in other words, a machine that has the same tolerances as when it was first delivered.

STUDER has been carrying out machine overhauls for 20 years. Every day, more than 25 employees are involved in giving machines and assemblies a new lease of life. In the supreme discipline of machine overhauls, over 400 machines have been completely overhauled to date. Countless assemblies have also been overhauled. Irrespective of whether machine or assembly, they all have one thing in common: An overhaul at STUDER is carried out by the original manufacturer with its unique knowledge and expertise, and according to the same quality standards as for new machines. At the end the customer gets a product whose quality and precision are comparable to that of a new machine.

Trusted precision and quality

A machine overhaul fully restores the original precision and quality and verifies this by means of a certificate. Changing requirements such as reconfigurations, automation or even digitalization can also be implemented in conjunction with the overhaul.

Thanks to the STUDER quality, the customer receives a new one-year warranty on the overhaul. This also includes ensuring parts availability again. As the machine is ultimately restored to the original condition, an overhaul provides the customer with an outstanding price/performance ratio compared to the former purchase price. STUDER can provide the customer with a specific loan machine for the duration of the machine overhaul if required.

Machine overhaul at a glance

  • Machine base: Completely overhauled, ribbed guideways milled, recast and repainted.
  • Control cabinet: Replacement of wear parts in the electric cabinet.
  • Pneumatics: New valves, hoses and filters.
  • Hydraulics: New hydraulic and lubricating system, all new valves and hoses.
  • Workhead: Completely overhauled.
  • Wheelhead: Completely overhauled.
  • Tailstock: Completely overhauled.
  • Axes: Tables as new, installation of new recirculating ball screw and bearings.
  • Component casings: Sand-blasted, repainted, color according to STUDER design or customer requirement.
  • Control system: Existing control system is retained.
  • Delivery: Always with precise measurement of new machine tolerance including test certificates.
  • Loan machine: We can provide a loan machine on request.
  • Renewed original CE certificate


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STUDER universal external grinding machines at a glance



FRITZ STUDER AG performing spectacular press event in Thun

A great deal has been written about the new favorit, S33 and S31 machines in recent months. The complete portfolio of STUDER universal external cylindrical grinding machines is presented in more detail in the following report.

From the entry-level machine for the main applications through to the all-rounder for complex grinding tasks. Small to large workpieces for individual, small-batch and large-scale production. With distances between centers of 400, 650, 1000 and 1600 mm and center heights of 175, 225 and 275 mm, STUDER offers the customer a selection of five universal cylindrical grinding machines.


favoritCNC – The well-known bestseller for the main applications

The favoritCNC is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of medium-sized workpieces. It has distances between centers of 650 / 1000 mm and a center height of 175 mm. It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 80 / 120 kg. It can subsequently be easily adapted to other grinding tasks using various accessory kits such as in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection and length positioning. The solid Granitan® S103 machine bed forms the basis for this cylindrical grinding machine, which is equipped with high quality components and guarantees maximum precision, performance and reliability over many years. The full enclosure ensures an optimal view of the grinding process.


favorit – The new bestseller for the main applications

The favorit is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of short to long workpieces. It has distances between centers of 400 / 650 / 1000 / 1600 mm and a center height of 175 mm. It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kg. This cylindrical grinding machine can be used universally and thanks to StuderPictogramming it is quick and easy to program. Its Granitan® S103 mineral casting machine base largely equalizes temporary temperature fluctuations. It can subsequently be easily adapted to other grinding tasks using various accessory kits such as in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection and length positioning.


S33 – The good value solution for individual requirements

The S33 is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for individual, small-batch and large-scale production of small to large workpieces. It has distances between centers of 400 / 650 / 1000 / 1600 mm and a center height of 175 mm. It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kg. It can be changed over from grinding between centers to live grinding in record time. You can grind even complex workpieces in a single clamping: This is made possible by the new wheelhead head with two motor spindles. The foundation is the solid Granitan® S103 machine base.


S31 – The versatile solution for large tasks

The S31 is a cylindrical grinding machine for individual, small-batch and large-scale production of small to large workpieces. It has distances between centers of 400 / 650 / 1000 / 1600 mm and a center height of 175 mm. It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 150 kg. Thanks to the expandable modular system the S31 can be precisely adapted to the customers’ requirements. With a high-resolution B-axis of 0.00005°, the swiveling wheelhead enables external, internal, and face grinding in a single clamping. The foundation is the solid Granitan® S103 machine base.


S41 – The all-rounder for complex grinding tasks

The S41 is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for large workpieces. It has distances between centers of 1000 / 1600 mm and center heights of 225 / 275 mm. It can machine workpieces with a maximum weight of 250 kg. The S41 has a host of sophisticated technical features such as the revolutionary StuderGuide® guideway system, high-precision axis drives with linear motors, extremely fast B-axis direct drive, an even wider selection of wheelhead variants and much more.



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