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The new Rossi S.P.A.



A new corporate image standing for dynamism and future-orientation.

Rossi S.P.A., a company of the Habasit Group, leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors has made of change a strategic lever for its growth.

The industrial world is constantly evolving, we live in an increasingly competitive, complex and fast reality.

The new brand is based on Rossi strategy and positioning philosophy, featuring a dynamic, flexible, sustainable, state-of-the-art and customer-centric company.

“With our new brand we are adapting Rossi corporate image to changes at organizational level – with more streamlined processes, a more strategic vision, a more managerial structure – and in business, more open to internationalization, to new production technologies and with a more solid presence in various industrial sectors. Rossi Chairman Giovanni Volpi says. “

The visual identity identifies the new vision: an energetic and creative sign, an “R” which, in addition to being the initial of our name, represents the power, dynamism and technological innovations. Besides, a pay-off “Solutions for an evolving industry”, Rossi’s DNA, that accompanies it and translates corporate philosophy: flexible and innovative solutions for a constantly evolving industrial world.

“Rebranding is the visual base of change, reflecting the vocation of communicating Rossi values also towards new perspectives – Marco Mearini, Rossi’s CEO says-. Anyone who joins our team must be willing to take Rossi to the future. We are not only looking for expertise, but also for curiosity, resourcefulness, dedication and above all passion.”

Rossi is a constantly evolving, but with a fixed point: people, the pillars of our actions who, with their skills and their passion, give voice, shape and reality to the future.Improving, renewing and anticipating customers’ needs while creating added value for our stakeholders.

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Automation and mechanization in tea production



With a yearly consumption of 7.54kg of tea per person, Turkey is the first consumer (per capita/year) of tea around the world followed by Morocco(4.74kg/capita/year) and the United Kingdom ( 3.75kg/capita/year).

A big part of the local consumption is covered by the national production. Indeed, at the collapse of the Ottoman empire Mustafa Kemal Ataturk started a strategical plan to increase the production of tea. He aimed to reduce the importation of coffee and build a strong sector for future exportations. This switch in the consummation habits and production strategy succeeded as Turkey is now the 5th tea producer with more than 6% of the worldwide tea production.

Growing in the mounts of the black sea region, the tea trees are perfectly matching with the regular rains and high rate of humidity characteristic of the region. Covering most of the hills the leaves are harvested in the beginning of summer. There starts a season that will last 3 months. In this busy period, the production is non-stop and the machines are under heavy pressure and workload. We provide gearboxes and electrical motors to the complete production process. Our IRK, IR, IRS series are used to transport, steam, cut, sort, dry and pack the precious tea leaves. Depending on the leaves and type of tea produced, the transformation process is composed of 5 steps.

Steaming: The leaves are washed and treated with high pressured water steam. This step contributes to the fixation of the aroma and specific taste of the tea.

Oxidation: The leaves are “burnt” to activate the color and flavor proper to black tea. This step also reduces the natural acidity of the tea leaves.

Rolling : The steamed leaves are being cut in roller cutting presses, this operation give the final shape of the tea.

Drying : The tea is dried in screening ovens that separate the tea leaves in different categories and removes the small wood and structures.

Packaging : The freshly produced tea is packed and stocked in big paper bags, these are dispatched to distribution and packing centers around the country.

This progress contributed to the development of natural teas growing without any usage of fertilizers of chemicals

As a recent trend major producers and small cooperatives are using mechanization and automation systems to reduce the usage of fertilizer. Indeed, the producers used to grow tea leaves with chemical fertilizers to reach a faster maturity and standards size. Nowadays the mechanization of the production process is helping them to adapt the timing and parameters to each type of leaves. This progress contributed to the development of natural teas growing without any usage of fertilizers of chemicals. Showing how mechanization and automation can help producer to reduce their impact on the environment and considerably improve the quality of their products.

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Silence in precision



Known as the heaven of silence and acoustic, stages and theatre require reliable solutions and precise engineering. We deliver motion and precision with our large range of gearboxes and solutions.

Specialized in the development, design and production of a large range of gearboxes, I-MAK Reduktor offers more than 1.000.000 products combination for a wide range of industries and applications. Particularly active in the stage and theater industry, I-MAK is offering special solutions for this demanding sector.

Our IRKM bevel geared motors series provide precision and noiseless motion. Coupled with double brakes, they guarantee advanced security and smooth operation. Brakes and motors are supplied with special flange for easier assembly and maintenance. With our large network of offices and partners around the world, we provide fast assistance for servicing and maintenance.

State of art technology for representations and cultural events.

In close collaboration with technical partners and customers, I-MAK is providing state of art technology for representations and cultural events. We guarantee reduced noise level during operation with less than 60 Decibel of noise level at 1 meter distance. Our solutions are also designed to operate a high rate of repetition and start/stop actions in a prolonged time.

Each unit is tested in our own facility to guarantee optimal operation and reinforced security of the installation. With I-MAK Solutions artist and cultural actors can focus on their performance and express their art in optimal and secured conditions.


  • Noiseless operation (<60 Decibel / At 1 Meter distance)
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Repeatable
  • Precision in motion
  • Security and reliability

  • Manual hand release
  • Encoder shaft
  • Microswitch providing state feedback
  • Motor and brakes with flanges

  • Theatre and stages machinery
  • Concert and entertainment stages
  • Robots and animatronics
  • Cultural motion exhibitions
  • Stadium and structures
  • Amusement parks


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NORD industrial gear units succeed in massive construction project



In the context of the “Linthal 2015” project, the underground central chamber for a new pumped storage power station has been built at an altitude of about 1,700 m – 600 m deep into the Swiss Alps. With an extreme incline of 45 degrees and a height difference of approximately 180 m, conveyor systems transported 500 t of excavated material per hour, around the clock. The conveyor belts were driven by NORD industrial gear units.

The underground central chamber is the core of the gigantic extension project. It consists of a 150 m long, 30 m wide machinery chamber with a maximum height of 53 m, as well as a separate transformer vault which is about 130 m long, 20 m wide and 25 m high. The excavation work for the two chambers was carried out continuously, i.e. 24/7 in 3-shift operation. Every day about 800 m³ of rock were removed from the mountain and in total almost 2,445,000 m³ were excavated from both chambers.

NORD industrial gear units were used in the conveyor systems which are located in the central area of the “Linthal 2015” construction project. Two “S-conveyors” conveyed 500 t of material per hour over a distance of about 260 metres. The excavated material was then conveyed down to a crushing plant. This conveyor belt was driven by a NORD industrial gear unit with brake control, which simultaneously generated electricity. On the second conveyor belt, the crushed material was conveyed up to the gravel plant, where it was stored until it was needed for further processing.

The manager of the plant construction company is extremely satisfied with NORD products and services . The high delivery availability was particularly praised: It only took ten weeks from ordering to delivery. The excellent price-performance ratio, the optimum advice as well as the high quality of the NORD products were also commented on positively.

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