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He surfed four heats throughout the day and saved his best for

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The Russian land, its 11 time zones, its vast territories, its rivers, its rivers, its taiga, its resources, and a generous land, all that it took to plunge the heart of its “Poust Koug, da nach “(good or bad, but it’s my homeland), said a Russian general in front of the advance
But as everything that comes from the Russian soul is infinitely” complicated “to our Western eyes The symbol of this visceral attachment which binds the soul of “Kvasnoi Patriotism” (the patriotism of Kvas) must be pushed even further.

Kvas is a drink of rural origin that Heidrick Smith describes as “poor quality” and “muddy water color”. But whatever! From this drink, the Russians in
If for us, Western Europeans drink wine, or Schnapps, or beer and if we offer to the glory of Dionysus our clinkingsbottles and glasses, the Russian, he binds himself by the kvass, to his land that he says eternal, because drinking kvass again takes the ardent symbolic of his love typically Russian of the world.

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