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If there’s no traffic, it takes ten minutes to drive across

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Round 2 (only the finalists)

Read the rules. The rule is to disqualify

Fashion Designer
– Design the bottom dress, any short skirt, any color, open freely.
– Forbidden to wear dresses. It’s easy.
– Come to the Association every day for 5 rounds. – For those who do the most activities of each week. – Some time ago, the researchers from Chittagong University found new species of frogs in the deep forests of Khadim Nagar National Park. The scientific name of the new species of frogs, Raorchestes University, Professor Gazi Asmat of the Department of Animal Sciences and Sajid Ali Hawladar of the same department identified it.
They said that earlier this species of frogs were found in some countries of the world but this was the first in Bangladesh to be found.

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replica Purse Basic basket
R $ 1

We charge a delivery rate in some neighborhoods (R $ 10,00) We come to check the best basket and cheaper…. We accept cards (with surcharge) of credit and debit…. Zap: (21) 993267191 Renata
(21) 981673566 Cosme
Obs: prices in the pictures!
Items in our basic basket with kits!

10kg of sugar
4kg of beans
10kg of rice
3lt of oil
1kg of salt
1kg of wheat flour
1kg of table flour
1kg of spaghetti noodles
500g Pasta Noodles
500g dried meat (mayonnaise)
500g po of coffee
500g and cornmeal
1lt of sausage in tin > 1 Tomato Extract
1 Cream Cracker Biscuit
1 Goiabada

2pc Toilet Paper w / 4unids
1Cx Soap in Po 1K / Omo
1Unid Liquid Detergent 500ml / Bar / Others
3Unid Soap 90g
1Pct Steel Toothbrush
1Unid Toothpaste 90g
1Pct Sabao Pastoso
2Lts Soothing
2Lts Disinfectant

KIT DANONE < 30 Nestl units, like nest, Chandelle, danoninho,

10 Nestle biscuits like: Bonus, hobby, negresco, nesfit, > 2 thigh
1 chest
1 overcoat Brand Ryca replica Purse.


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