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is also considered as a possible diagnosis for adults who have

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Replica Hermes Belts (with unknown causes) is a common cause of chest pain in children and young adults. is also considered as a possible diagnosis for adults who have chest pain. Most doctors, until proven otherwise, will consider chest pain in adults a potentially serious sign of a heart problem. Chest pain in adults usually leads to a battery of tests to rule out heart disease. If these tests are normal and your physical examination is consistent with costochondritis, your doctor will diagnose costochondritis as the cause of your chest pain. However, it is important for adults with chest pain to be examined and tested for heart disease before being diagnosed with costochondritis. Tietze’s syndrome usually comes on abruptly, with chest pain radiating to your arms or shoulder and lasting several weeks. Tietze’s syndrome is accompanied by a localised swelling at the painful area the junction of the ribs and breastbone. In costochondritis there is no swelling Replica Hermes Belts.


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