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Sarah Halejian and Janna Graf led Yale with 15 and 14 points

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? Attendees will be able to check all lifting equipment before the start of the work and during the attendees will be able to manage the lift operations with all activities ? In-house lift operations will be able to work and implement an integrated Lifting Plan and identify the tools and equipment required by each lift For accuracy such as (estimate type and load of winchesRequired and estimated type and load of each of the lifting accessories required for all operations – Course content:
? The course contains all the points of examination of lift accessories
and when to be accepted and when to be rejected
? The course contains You can accept this equipment and can refuse it according to the British Standard and the Lifting Equipment Engineering Association. ? The course contains all the points of supervision of the operations. Uploading – such as how to make a Lifting Plan and how to estimate the load per accessory ? The attendees will be able to manage the lifting processes in all activities of the lift operations within the attendees will be able to work and implement an integrated Lifting Plan and identify the tools and equipment required by each lifting process.

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