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The disciple should fall asleep singing this mantra with the Imagination and Will concentrated on the pyramids of Egypt. It requires practice and much patience. Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony)awakens the serpent and makes it rise through the spinal medulla receives the flaming sword and then enters Eden .redemption of the human being is found in the serpent, but we should be on guard against the astuteness of the serpent.

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Designer Replica Bags A great prayer

Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to call: “Lord, I mean and do not mean to me, support me, do not support me, I accept my repentance, my Lord accept my repentance, wash my hat, and answer my call, and prove my argument, and my heart, and my tongue, and a terrible thief Sadri.)

Narrated by Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah, and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood (1/414).

This great du’aa ‘included twenty-two questions and demands, Of the most important demands For the servant and the reasons for his happiness and happiness in the world and in
First of all, saying: – (Lord I mean)

< (And do not mean me) I do not overcome the one who prevents me from obeying myself from the bad and the evil from the demons of mankind ______________________ And the third saying: – (and insist me) – which is the request of victory, most of me on the infidels my enemies And the enemies of your religion, and was said to insist on myself Amara bad, it is the enemy _____________________
and the fourth saying: – (and do not insist on me)
meaning do not judge me from anyone ______________________
and the fifth saying: – ( )
any attachment b And I have the right wisdom and the right thought of the safety of their evil and the payment of their hand, so that the enemy does not feel the way you gave me the ways to pay their hand ______________________

About the seventh

I have to follow the guidance and conduct its way, and prepare the reasons for good for me so that I will not be overly obedient, nor will I be preoccupied with _____________________, and the ninth said: – (And insist me on those who prostrate to me), and help me against those who wrong me and transgress. ?? as saying: – (Oh God, make me thank you)

I am inspired to thank you for your blessings and angels ______________________
and atheist ten saying: – (you remember)

Any timesA standing and standing on the ______________________
The twelfth saying: – (you monk)
any afraid of you in the favor ______________________

The thirteenth saying: – (you are obedient) Which is obedience and compliance _____________________
and the fourteenth saying: – (You are hidden)

Vengeance, humility, humility, subjugation and meaning Make me humble humble ______________________
And the fifteenth saying:
Oahu is a lot of supplication and supplication and crying, and the penitent is the repentant who returns to God in _____________________
and the sixteenth saying: – (Lord accept my repentance) by making them true by their tapes and summoning ______________________
and the seventeenth saying: –
(f Wash my hobbies)

The Eighteenth saying: – (And answer my call)
Any ______________________
And the nineteenth as saying: – (and proved my argument) Your enemies in the world and the past, and confirmed my words and my ratification in the world and when asked _____________________

Twenty-five saying: – ((and my heart)

(And slapped my tongue)
any way and the people of my tongue so as not to speak only the truth and say ______________________

Twenty-two saying: – ((and sneak generous chest)
and I brought out my chest of shame and cheating and betrayal and hatred and envy And so on, which arises from the chest and dwells in the heart of misguidance

In this brief explanation of what this supplication included great issues and great demands, it is clear that this du’aa ‘is great, and that it should be memorized and the supplication of it is added to Allaah Designer Replica Bags.


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