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The other was a singles match from the ECW brand

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The strapping handles are doubled and sewn for a more comfortable grip. I’ve had great luck with the snap into place mechanism which keeps the tote in an upright, wide open position very convenient for loading with folded laundry to carry to bedrooms or up and down stairs. The “snap mechanics” are completely concealed with a placket of the same canvas the tote is constructed of.

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You are the most sweet of the part, > I am in love with you, feelings are crushed
Know that if I see who I am, my love is perceived
I will break you in every opinion, I am breathing

Look at your eyes, if you stay so long
You are my side, and I am with you, I am a dreamer

I am so happy, If you are my side, I am opening my eyes

You are my invisible,

You too, my darling, you miss me I hope
You are not my spouse, you are my inside

Without you without me My name, my laughter

I am my youth, my desire with you
Suddenly come out, I fall to death
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My heart thirst for God.

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What does that mean? She has poison! “I do not know what to do with you, but I do not know what to do.” What do you do?

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The second prize will get a good book. Home Delivered to home.

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