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They included interludes with

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Eyebrows a henna R $ 15,00 and without henna R $ 10,00
Eyelashes tufinho R $ 30,00
Depilation (legs) R $ 25,00
Hair removal in the (underarm) R $ 10,00

Anyone who has an interest Call me on whats:
99161-9087 or 99169-4383

NOTE: we do the domicile, plus we charge a fee depending on your neighborhood

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Hermes Replica Chacara
R $ 250
Minas Gerais – MG

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Hermes Replica Handbags Duda’s pizza tel: 2443-4011 or 2435-2098 – US $ 7 – Duda’s pizzas – Delivery

?? Monday to Thursday Promotion

??Pizza Family (35cm) for ONLY 9,
? Mozzarella
? Calabresa
? ham
? Marguerita
? Banana with cinnamon
? Romeo and Juliet
? Brigadeiro

??Promotion of Monday to Thursday

In the purchase of 1 giant (47 cm) gratis a sweet brotinho (banana with cinnamon, chocolate or romeu and julieta) and 1 Refri of 2 Lts.

In the purchase of Pizza 70 cm Free family sweet (banana with cinnamon, chocolate or romeu and julieta) and refri 2
#LoucosporDudasPizzas #IlovePizza # PizzaVida #AmamosDudasPizzas

For delivery we add delivery fee *

Ask for the zap: 97108-9452
? 2443-4011 / 2435-2098 Hermes Replica Handbags

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Hermes Birkin Replica Good morning all, Gourmet Cuisines To Go, Bakery


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