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This time around the Democratic Party remained tone deaf to

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Professional training in accounting accredited by (# Cairo University # Ain Shams University)
1 – Full cost for 9 accounting courses 600 c only 2 – Including the accreditation of Cairo University or Ain Shams University 3- Including a certificate of experience for a year from the Office of Accounting 4 – comprehensive and comprehensive 5 – comprehensive written tools
6 – including books and all the details and explanation of each lecture
7 – including workshops not less than four workshops for professional practice Accounting
8-exam at the end of the training to assess your level in case you do not pass the exam you have the right to bring it back

University of Cairo – University of Ain Shams –

The largest accounting diploma in the Middle East
Professional financial accountant PFAD accredited by Cairo University or Ain Shams University
(Training and employed by the largest companies and accounting offices) Restrictions until the preparation of financial statements and qualify you to be the head of the accounts of the
namely: 1 ? Diploma of professional financial accountant
2 ? Course of commercial companies
3 ? Tax cycle of all kinds and how to prepare various tax returns
4 ? The course of the construction companies
5 ? The course of the tourist restaurants
6 ? The course of import and export companies
7. The accounting Excel Advance 8- (Letters of guarantee and letters of credit) 9- Quick Books program Electronic accounting and accounting case in the language and several certificates are obtained.
1 – Certificate of Diploma of Professional Financial Accountant PFAD accredited by Cairo University or from Ain Shams University by attendance at the University
2 – Certificate of experience from the Office of a Chartered Accountant or Comptroller of joint stock companies from one to three years 3 – Certificate of course Advanced Accounting Excel 4 – Certificate in the course of electronic accounting through the program Quick Books
Certificates of desire:
—————— ———
5 – Adoption of the Hada experience from the Office of a certified legal accountant from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in Arab countries and travel abroad. Replica Bags

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If it’s not… Amazing historical sites, mind blowing art then there’s the food. Stop at the Forno in the Campo de’ Fiori for a fresh slice of pizza bianca (cut from a piping hot six foot long slab of it), buy some tiny strawberries in a street market, and make it your business to find the city’s best gelato. Go to at least one Broadway show Wholesale Replica Bags.


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