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I guess I thinking of scents where a certain flower is dominant, but there more complexity going on there. My language is failing I guess that still a soliflore, yes. But I was thinking of a soliflore as striking one note if compared to music, more like a solo on one instrument, or a duet at most, rather than a concerto for a single instrument. Again, a poor analogy. Reductio ad absurdum: Demeter scents smell like one molecule. I almost wouldn call Diorissimo or Lys Mediterranee or Dark Rose even if they based around one flower.

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Replica Hermes Which brings me to what might be Blackpepper’s greatest drawback or virtue depending on who you are. Blackpepper is a quiet fragrance. Not only that, but after a few hours, only an incense like trace lingers. That trace, though, murmurs beautifully. A few hours after I first wore Blackpepper, I kept sniffing the air, thinking that the hippie incense I’d burned earlier was a lot better than I’d remembered. At last I realized it was Blackpepper’s ethereal dry down. If you’re sampling this one, you’d do best to try an atomizer, and don’t stint on sprays. Replica Hermes

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