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The final match on the undercard was Chris Jericho versus X Pac. Tom Prichard refereed the match. X Pac dominated the earlier part of the match until Jericho’s bodyguard Mr. Hughes interfered in the match and leveled X Pac. Jericho began attacking X Pac. Jericho attempted to hit X Pac with a diving splash, but X Pac countered with a spinning wheel kick. X Pac attacked Jericho in the corner, and tried to hit a Bronco Buster, but Jericho avoided the move and hit a double underhook backbreaker. X Pac tried to hit a hurricanrana, but Jericho countered it into a double powerbomb . Jericho climbed the top rope, but X Pac hit a top rope Bronco Buster. Mr. Hughes attacked the referee, Tom Prichard, and Jericho was disqualified. Jericho and Hughes attacked X Pac until Road Dogg came out to rescue X Pac from the two.[2][3]

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Fake Handbags Cuadra the brand (founded by Agustin Cuadra) is the 22 year old Mexican leather goods company with 50 stores in Mexico, one in Chicago and one in Las Vegas. Xixo Apparel is the Canadian distributor. What sets Cuadra apart from the rest is each shoe, boot, handbag, wallet and jacket is handmade with painstaking detail and care employing the finest of animal skins (more on this in a moment). As Carlos puts it best, link [between local distributor and brand] is that Xixo can say done to Cuadra and work together. was first introduced to Xixo Cuadra at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2014, where for opening night they showed two outfits from the special edition Mexican roots collection matching jacket, boots, handbag and wallet in black with embroidery, handmade by indigenous women from the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. Each embroidered piece is unique, meaning you can express true individuality. The second look that night came from the S/S collection consisting of a stylish belted jacket in brown combined with a bag and drivers in orange that added colour and spice to the outfit, says Carlos Fake Handbags.


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